The Rise Of Skywalker Trailer Reminds Us How Much We Love This!

There comes a time when you have to say goodbye to someone or something you love. While we may not be there just yet, the final gasps of the Skywalker trilogy came to life today with the arrival of Episode IX: The Rise of Skywalker‘s teaser trailer. Beautifully set between the worlds that seem so familiar and yet so strange, it was a riveting way to begin the oh so long farewell to one of the most cherished families (and storylines) in the galaxy. So, what does the trailer reveal—more importantly—what is left to the imagination. Let’s break it down…

Lando, Leia, and A Haunting Voiceover

The trailer is heavy on references to the past and nothing is more iconic than the characters that helped make the series legendary. For the first time since his role in Return of the Jedi, Billy Dee Williams returns to bring Lando Calrissian to life one more time. While we are just treated to glimpses of the familiar face, it is more than enough to get the nostalgia going for children of the 80s. Seeing him in the Millennium Falcon alongside Chewbacca brings a smile, then quickly turns to a frown when the sudden realization that Hans is no longer there.

Speaking of Hans, Leia(and the late Carrie Fisher) make their final appearances in the Star Wars universe. It’s that type of finality which showcases reminiscences, particularly over a medal that seems very familiar to anyone who has seen A New Hope. An embrace between Leia and Rey feels like we’re all saying goodbye to the great Organa as well as the woman who brought her to life.

Not to be outdone by memories, both fond and forelorn, a voice from the not-too-distant past of Star Wars comes alive again. Of course, no Skywalker trilogy could be complete with Luke and this trailer delivers. While he—or should we say his force ghost—is not seen during the trailer, his voice echoes out the principles that the franchise has long touted. It should be noted that Mark Hamill is no slouch when it comes to voice work, so he’s got this one covered with all of respect and regard this difficult detail asks for.

A Laugh From The Past

Palpatine is back, even if it is only shrouded in darkness. The chilling laugh proves The First Order is far from going quietly as The Resistance begins its own quests. What is to be expected of this development? Leave your guesses at the door with this one. While some will argue to this is Kylo’s counter-balance to Rey’s possible mentorship under a ghostly Luke, the character could easily have some special and surprising tricks up his sleeve. After all, when have you ever known him to play fair when it comes to the ultimate fight between good versus evil?

Kylo Goes Back To The Basics

He’s at it again, and could anyone doubt the conversation will be turning to Kylo. In the few glimpses offered in the trailer, he propels himself into another battle. More importantly, he repairs the famous helmet that was smashed in The Last Jedi. Is this a return to dark side or something more? After all, he has always been a very conflicted character that balance between moments of clarity and madness. Is the Skywalker in the title a reference towards Ren himself as he chooses a path towards his uncle, father, and mother’s side or will he accept the dark path that led his grandfather towards destruction. For that matter, will we finally get all of those answers about Reylo? Don’t act like you haven’t thought about it.

We’re Getting The Gang Back Together

Poe, Finn, and Rey Star Wars IX teaser trailer

One of the biggest criticisms about The Last Jedi was the lack of character interaction. In terms of the new characters introduced in The Force Awakens, there was little in the way of even a pleasant conversation. While some fans longed for Rey and Finn to be together, others hoped for more between Finn and Poe. Ultimately what they got was Rose. She was a determined and brilliant addition to the Star Wars family that can only grow more endearing in this upcoming film. Back to the subject at hand, Poe, Finn, and Rey—along with favorites like C-3PO—appear to be back together as they take on a difficult mission. After all, they appear to be looking at the remains of the Death Star among bleak and treacherous gray waters. Will they all survive this mission?

This December, all of our questions will finally be revealed as we dive into this last piece of the Skywalker trilogy. So, what did you think of the trailer? Let us know in the comments below or you can always talk to us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.


Written by Valerie Thompson

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