Meg 2 Trailer [Insert Shark Pun Here]

Meg 2: The Trench. Photo credit Alon Amir.

Danger inhabits the deep when Meg 2: The Trench sinks its teeth into theaters this August. The sequel to the 2018 literary adaptation The Meg, there’s currently only a trailer hinting at what’s to come. However, like a shark fin slicing the surface there’s enough to get the blood pumping. That’s to say, this could be a thriller or disaster. Either way, an odd optimism holds hope it’ll be entertaining.

Things open 65 million years ago, when tyrant lizards ruled the dry land, but as one reckless Tyrannosaur steps in the wet, a megalodon erupts from the ocean to devour this dino. Flash forward to the modern era, where Jonas Taylor, played by Jason Statham, is working out in the dark. He’s needed to lead an exploratory dive team investigating unusual underwater activity. To say things don’t go well is an understatement on par with the Hindenburg was a fire.

Soon, not one but three megalodons are on the loose. Worse, they seem to be pack hunting for reasons. As the wicked guitar riff to “Barracuda” by Heart begins to rock, one is reminded how few good songs there are about sharks. (Sorry, Anvil Bitch, I doubt your song “Shark Attack” will be on the soundtrack). Still, it quickly becomes apparent the titular Megs aren’t the only oceanic terror from another era. Something tentacled is ripping off heads, and amphibious needle-toothed nightmares are ready to attack on land. Nowhere is safe!

Cue the overcrowded beach and the ocean as floating tapas buffet. People predictably panic when towering fins herald these big-tooth bite machines coming to chomp and swallow whole. Fortunately, Heart’s music keeps the killing spree light-hearted as the trailer implies Meg 2 will be leaning into the B-movie element its predecessor failed to embrace. There’s definitely the impression of filmmakers knowing the movie shouldn’t be taken seriously, but they also sensibly keep a lot down to glimpses.

The trailer teases absurd action and potentially astonishing shark attacks, all of which look like fabulous eye candy. The CGI appears solid which makes these aquatic apex predators plausible in a spine-chilling way. But stunts aplenty showcase things like Jason Statham on a jet ski as some Florida man fantasy come to life.

What’s interesting is the implication of megalodons as a recurrent element in the film’s reality. Instead of being caught off guard, people are prepared, or at least, think they are. Given there are six more books to build on, it’s nice to see this world building come together. Someone has faith in this franchise going far, and even if it turns out to be toothless, I’ll be there to watch this monster sink into the deep.

Meg 2: The Trench arrives this August. The trailer suggests it’ll either be a thrilling B-movie bonanza of blood and over-the-top action, or a laughable disappointment destined for mega mockery. Whatever the case, like all splendidly unserious cinema, Meg 2: The Trench may be perfect for a beer and a pizza movie night.

Written by Jay Rohr

J. Rohr is a Chicago native with a taste for history and wandering the city at odd hours. In order to deal with the more corrosive aspects of everyday life he writes the blog and makes music in the band Beerfinger. His Twitter babble can be found @JackBlankHSH.

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