A Super-hard Superhero Quiz!

Assemble your knowledge (just don’t use Google) and try to survive Thanos’ snap! ‘Nuff said.

Written by Will Johnson


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  1. Cool quiz I did horribly haha. There was one question that was wrong:

    Question 10: Including Avengers: Endgame, Chris Evans has starred in ______ superhero movies based on pre-existing comic books?


    1. Fantastic Four (2005),
    2. TMNT (2007),
    3. Fantastic Four ROSS (2007),
    4. Captain America First Avenger (2010),
    5. The Avengers (2012),
    6.Captain America The Winter Soldier (2014),
    7. Avengers AOU (2015),
    8. Captain America Civil War (2016),
    9. Spider-man Homecoming (2017),
    10. Avengers Infinity War (2018),
    11. Avengers Endgame (2019).

    Maybe Scott Pilgrim vs. The World counts but that’s only 12.

    He’s been in other comic book movies or movies later adopted into comic books but only 11 (maybe 12) based on pre-existing comic books.

  2. i know i lot about superheroes but not about the actors and stuff like if they told me like what is the man marvel multiverse i would say 616 like gease

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