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Looking for the kinds of deep-dive film analysis you loved at The newsy news, trailers of the week, special features, and disc reviews? The in-depth film reviews and festival coverage? Filmmaker interviews, favorites lists, and fearless rants? Is the Film Obsessive in you hoping for even more?

Then look no further! is here to provide all the meaty film content you’ve always seen on 25YL and more. We’ve grown, and we’ve left the nest! Film Obsessive is your new home for all of the above—for the truly film obsessive.

We’ve got all the film content you enjoyed at 25YL and much, much more to come. You can also follow our new accounts on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for news and updates. Or check out our store for brand-new merchandise!

And if you’d like to be a part of what comes next, you can apply to join our team. We’ve got a great crew coming over from 25YL, but we’re always looking for smart, savvy writers with a true passion for cinema.

About Film Obsessive

Film Obsessive has been operating as a subsidiary of since 2018, when 25YL Founder and CEO Andrew Grevas developed the site and its sibling “obsessions,” Horror Obsessive and TV Obsessive. Since 25YL’s inception, its catalog of film criticism and reviews has grown to some 2,000 articles. Starting in January 2023, is the new home to the film content previously housed on 25YL.

With is extensive catalog covering all aspects of cinema, Film Obsessive promises to be one of the most compelling and comprehensive sources for film reportage and criticism on the internet. Its staff includes award-winning journalists, renowned scholars, prolific reviewers, and promising up-and-comers, all of them unified in their obsessive passion for cinema.

J Paul Johnson, PhD, is Executive Editor and owner of Film Obsessive. He is joined by Hal Kitchen, Reviews Editor; Don Shanahan, Assistant Editor and Content Supervisor; Timothy Glaraton, Assistant Editor and Content Supervisor; Tina Kakadelis, Assistant Editor; and Robert Chipman, Social Media Manager. Grevas, along with Caemeron Crain, Rebecca Saunders, and Matt Armitage, all of whom serve as consulting editors.

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