Happy New Year from Film Obsessive!

Celebrating its first full year of publication under its new banner, Film Obsessive rings in a Happy New Year with the announcement of several personnel promotions and site plans for 2024.

Rotten Tomato-approved critic Don Shanahan has been promoted to the site’s Editor in Chief. For Film Obsessive and on his personal site Every Movie Has a Lesson, the Chicago-based critic has reviewed over 1100 films and hosted the weekly podcast Cinephile Hissy Fit. Shanahan moves into the lead editorial position at Film Obsessive after serving as a content supervisor and assistant editor and will continue in his position as the site’s lead reviewer.

Also a Rotten Tomato-approved reviewer, Tina Kakadelis has been promoted to the site’s News Editor. In 2023, Film Obsessive brought its readers real-time coverage of the major film festivals at Sundance, Cannes, Tribeca, London, Toronto and others. In 2024, Kakadelis looks forward to the staff’s continuing festival coverage as well as expanded coverage of awards, announcements, and other film news. Since 2021, Kakadelis has published over 100 reviews at Film Obsessive and more at her personal site

Robert Chipman has been promoted to the site’s Director of Media and Engagement. Since 2022, Chipman has managed Film Obsessive’s social media feeds on Facebook, Twitter/X, and Instagram. In 2024, Chipman will look to work with the site’s analytics to expand its readership, and supervise the site’s social team.

Shanahan, Kakadelis, and Chipman join site Publisher J Paul Johnson and Reviews Editor Hal Kitchen as the Film Obsessive management team. Also promoted to new editorial roles at the site are three new Assistant Editors: Chris Duncan, June (CM) McCambridge, and Joyelle Ronan, all of whom have been writing for Film Obsessive since 2022.

Film Obsessive boasts a staff of 25 writers and contributors who publish between 60 and 90 articles each month, from retrospectives to new film reviews, physical media reviews, filmmaker interviews, and more. Its staff includes award-winning journalists, renowned scholars, prolific reviewers, and promising up-and-comers, all of them unified in their obsessive passion for cinema.

The site began first as a subsidiary of, then as a sibling site to, in 2018. With over 700 articles published in its first year, its catalog of film criticism and reviews has grown to over 2,500 articles in sum. With its coverage of all aspects of cinema, Film Obsessive aspires to become one of the most compelling and comprehensive sources for film reportage and criticism on the internet.

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