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Film Obsessive is pleased to reveal the exclusive first look at the poster for the upcoming film, Extremely Unique Dynamic. Last week, Film Obsessive’s News Editor, Tina Kakadelis, sat down with the stars of the upcoming film to discuss their friendship, the world premiere, and the abysmal state of Mexican food in Vancouver.

Extremely Unique Dynamic is a movie about two friends having to say goodbye after decades of friendship. Ryan (Xu) and Daniel (Leung) are best friends living in L.A. trying desperately to make it as actors, but Ryan has finally decided to call it quits. He’s tired of living in the city and not having much success with acting, so he’s going to move to Canada to be with his girlfriend. It’s a harsh blow to Daniel, but he wants to make the best of their last week together. Ryan has other ideas. Instead of hanging out, Ryan wants to shoot a feature-length movie in less than a week. The movie is about two friends making a movie about two friends making a movie. At the heart of this tangled web of meta movies is a stoner bro comedy about how hard it is to say goodbye.

Ryan and Daniel lay side by side
Heroic Impact

Xu and Leung are quite the dynamic duo. Their wry sense of humor comes across effortlessly and their charm leaps off the screen. Extremely Unique Dynamic is a loving showcase of their talents and their real-life friendship. The world premiere of their film is days away at the Sonoma International Film Festival where they’ll share the stage with Wildcat, Robot Dreams, Widow Clicquot, and more.

You’ve likely seen Xu and Leung in films and TV shows like The Tender Bar, Shameless, The Sex Lives of College GirlsYoung Sheldon, and more, but Extremely Unique Dynamic marks their first foray behind the camera. The film was entirely funded by the two friends for the small price of what they think would buy them a house in Ohio. Xu and Leung are betting fully on themselves and their unique dynamic. It proves to be a safe bet to make as the film is the perfect mix of humor, warmth, and weed-fueled chaos. Amidst the layers of a movie within a movie within a movie is an emotionally driven work about the complexities of friendship.

Check out the exclusive premiere of the film poster below!

Movie poster for Extremely Unique Dynamic
Heroic Impact

Extremely Unique Dynamic, will have its world premiere as the Gay-la Spotlight Film at the 2024 Sonoma International Film Festival on Thursday, March 21.

Written by Tina Kakadelis

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