Am I Ok? Will Make a Dakota Johnson Fan Out of Anyone

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If you have followed my writing here on Film Obsessive, you might notice that I am one of the most vocal of the Dakota Johnson fans. I bravely saw Madame Web on opening day and had more fun that I thought I would. During my first year at the site, I covered Persuasion which was so close to being the Jane Austen/Fleabag hybrid of my dreams. During TIFF, I saw the premiere of Daddio which has an upcoming wide release. She is currently sitting at my most-watched actor of 2024 on Letterboxd and her Architectural Digest House Tour single-handedly got me through the early months of quarantine. I list all of these to say that I am what one might call a scholar of Dakota Johnson’s work which means I’m thrilled at the first look at her upcoming comedy, Am I Ok?.

Am I Ok? is the story of best friends Lucy (Johnson) and Jane (Sonoya Mizuno). They are codependent and constantly spending time together, but are also at very different points in their lives. Jane has it all together. She has the fiance, the job, and the go-getter mentality that Lucy struggles with. Lucy is a receptionist and feels like she has no real direction in her life. On top of that, Lucy is questioning her sexuality and discovering a new part of herself.

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In 2022, Am I Ok? played at the Sundance Film Festival and for two long years, it has been hidden away. This trailer is the first look at the feature directorial debut of famed comedian Tig Notaro and her wife, Stephanie Allyne. Despite not being written by Notaro, Am I Ok? has her trademark dry humor. It’s that specific, offbeat sense of humor that is where Johnson thrives. She’s been typecast in more serious dramatic roles, but where Johnson truly shines is in her comedic timing. It’s on display in the trailer and Am I Ok? looks to be the first instance where the script lines up with her sensibilities.

The film’s trailer also gives us a look at some of the side characters including Molly Gordon who has been a scene-stealing comedy delight for many years now. From her work in Booksmart to The Bear to her feature directorial debut Theater Camp, it’s always so exciting to see what kooky character she’ll play next. Indie-darling Kiersey Clemons appears as a potential crush for Johnson’s Lucy and while he didn’t make the cut in the trailer, comedian Jermaine Fowler is listed as part of the film’s cast.

Am I Ok? is unique for showing the perspective of coming to terms with your sexuality later in life. There are a dime-a-dozen examples of teens coming out in pop culture and while Johnson’s Lucy is only thirty-two, it’s a perspective that isn’t often shown. It’s also an experience that mirrors the story of co-director Allyne who came out in her late-twenties and struggled to realize she was falling for now-wife Notaro because Allyne hadn’t previously had feelings for another woman. Above all else, though, Am I Ok? looks to be a story of these two best friends and how even the strongest of relationships can hit a set back or two especially in your early thirties. Am I Ok? is both the film’s title and likely a question these characters will pose to themselves quite often throughout.

Directed by Stephanie Allynne & Tig Notaro , written by Lauren Pomerantz, and starring Dakota Johnson, Sonoya Mizuno, Jermaine Fowler, Molly Gordon, Kiersey Clemons, and Sean Hayes, Am I Ok? will be streaming on Max on June 6.

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