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The Best Songs from The Rocky Horror Picture Show

It’s rare for a musical to have a whole soundtrack full of amazing songs. There’s always one or two songs in a movie that we would probably be happy to skip if we could. The Rocky Horror Picture Show is definitely one of those rare musicals. Every single song is a dream that never gets old. It’s why these favorites proved so difficult to choose. I could genuinely just list every single song here so narrowing it down to five was tough. One positive was that I got to listen to the soundtrack again numerous times to help make my decision. I’d be lying if I said I didn’t dance along every time, how can you not?

Having also seen this on stage I know just how amazing it is to hear and dance to these songs in an interactive environment. There’s something in the soundtrack for absolutely everybody. Now I see you shivering with antici…pation, so here are my choices.

Time Warp

Columbia does the Time Warp with the other guests

It’s just a jump to the left
And then a step to the right

Is your foot tapping now you’ve read those simple lyrics? It should be because this is the one that everybody knows. Whether they’ve seen the movie or not you can guarantee that people have danced to this in bars, clubs, and holiday camps all over the world. It’s iconic, catchy, and even tells you how to dance along. How could you not love it? It serves as an introduction to some of the main characters and is a brief taste of the craziness we can expect at the castle.

Despite happening really early in the musical it’s the one that the crowd goes absolutely crazy for during live performances. When I saw it there wasn’t a single person sat down and that’s the sign of an outstanding song. It takes zero effort to dance to this as the instructions are right there in the lyrics. Was it a homage or a spoof of the dance song genre? It was probably a bit of both, to be honest.

I’ve seen people dance along to this song at parties, weddings, in nightclubs, and even at a christening. But why is it so universally loved even by people who haven’t seen the movie? It’s hard to pinpoint but I think it’s the simplicity and overwhelming feeling of happiness that surrounds the song. People want to dance to it with their families, their friends, and even complete strangers. It unites people in its own crazy way.

I don’t think I’ll ever get tired of hearing this and seeing people having such fun dancing along to it. Now, where do I put my hands?

Damn It, Janet

Brad and Janet get engaged in front of the Denton sign

Go see the man who began it
When we met in his science exam-it
Made me give you the eye and then panic
There’s one thing to say and that’s
Dammit, Janet, I love you…

The song that introduces the duo, Brad and Janet, is nothing like the dull duo. I say dull in the nicest possible way though. The whole point of their characters it that they’re boring, which makes their meeting with the inhabitants of Frank’s castle even more outrageous.

It’s a heartfelt song as Brad professes his love and proposes to Janet, but at the same time, it’s performed with an awkwardness that’s cringe-worthy. It’s intentional though as it’s important from the beginning we know just how innocent and naive the pair are. They’re both pure virgins, which adds to moments and performances later in the movie.

If Brad and Janet weren’t dull, boring, and naive the story simply wouldn’t work. They’re still really great and interesting characters though as Susan Sarandon and Barry Bostwick deliver such brilliant performances. It’s a really great song and the performances make it fun. Despite its awkwardness, it’s still so memorable and entertaining.

The song shows that all characters (no matter how boring they’re meant to be) are going to get a perfect introduction. It makes us eagerly await the other introductions throughout the movie.

I’m Going Home

Frank sings his swan song as he performs with the others while preparing to go home

‘Cause I’ve seen blue skies through the tears
In my eyes
And I realize, I’m going home

I’m Going Home is probably the first time in the movie that we see the real Frank. Despite his outrageous behavior throughout the movie he also has this sad and emotional side to him. This song is his swan song and it’s a really powerful moment. The other songs are all quite high energy and fun, but this one is raw.

Throughout the movie, we’re led to believe that Frank’s only interests are sex, pleasure, and self-indulgence. He also has a heart and he just wants to go home. Something we can all probably relate to. It’s the first time that one of the songs resonates with us as we know how it feels to want to be home and away from everything else.

Despite singing numerous other songs in the movie this is the first time we hear Tim Curry really sing. The other songs are campy and theatrical whereas this one comes from the heart. He proves that he can hold a note and he proves it amazingly.

Sweet Transvestite

Frank unveils his transsexual corsets

I’ll show you my favorite obsession
I’ve been making a man
With blonde hair and a tan
And he’s good for relieving my t-t-tension
I’m just a sweet transvestite

There are some truly amazing main character introduction songs in musicals. Velma Kelly with All That Jazz, Maria with The Hills Are Alive, Satine with Sparkling Diamonds and Tracy Turnblad with Good Morning Baltimore to name just a few. But this one is definitely up there with the best of them. It’s just glorious.

As Frank enters the lab via an elevator Janet screams and passes out from shock. We scream right along with her, but with excitement. We know this is going to be an amazingly wild ride. I feel like I might be using the word iconic far too much here…but every single thing about this movie, its songs, and its characters are beyond iconic.

As Frank descends from the elevator we all know exactly what he’s wearing under that cloak and we all shiver with anticipation waiting for the reveal. The outfit is both outrageous and perfect. Frank wastes no time in using this song to brag about himself. He boasts about who he is, what he is, where he’s from, what he’s up to at the castle, and just why he’s been doing it. Frank isn’t shy and we wouldn’t want it any other way.

For me, this is Tim Curry’s greatest ever role, he deserves this iconic introduction and he relishes in it.

 Touch-a, Touch-a, Touch-a, Touch Me

Rocky seduces Janet as she prepares to lose her virginity

I thought there’s no use getting into heavy petting
It only leads to trouble and seat wetting
Now all I want to know is how to go
I’ve tasted blood and I want more
Now I know this probably isn’t the one most people would choose for their favorite song from this musical…but I bloody love it. I can’t even pinpoint the exact reason why I love it so much, there’s just something about it that’s incredible.

It’s a song of sexual awakening as Janet finally gives in to lust and sleeps with Rocky. We know from the beginning that she’s a virgin so this is the moment that all of her sexual frustrations and longings come to their boiling point. She loves Brad but she’s frustrated that she’s never slept with him, or any other man for that matter. She’s also upset though as this act is retaliation to discovering that Brad has cheated on her with Frank. Poor Janet.

She’s come a long way since the start of the movie. Did Janet always have this sexual side to her or has she just been influenced by the people around her at the castle? I think it’s likely a bit of both. She’s never had the opportunity to be this open and honest about her sexual feelings and now the castle has given her the opportunity to be true. If only Brad would have had his sexual awakening with Janet…

One of the things I actually love the most about the movie is the build-up to the chorus. The chorus is almost an explosion as Janet finally goes for it and gets what she wants. It’s so expertly done that it never fails to entertain me.

So those are my picks for my favorite songs from The Rocky Horror Picture Show. I assure you though, I could have listed them all as there’s none I dislike. Do you love them all? What would you bump from my list and add to yours? Be sure to let us know in the comment section. 

Written by Martin Hearn

Martin Hearn is a Social Media Manager for 25YL who also writes, has a penchant for interviews, watches too much TV, and plays too many video games. He joined the site through his love of Twin Peaks and also has a passion for shows such as The OA, The Crown, American Horror Story, Lost, and Desperate Housewives. His hobbies include insomnia, dancing in secret, and buying too much Twin Peaks merchandise from eBay. Martin lives in Middlesbrough, UK, which is the birthplace of the Parmo (you may want to google that amazingly beautiful delicacy that definitely won't cause a heart attack). He loves spending long weekends binge-watching TV shows with his partner Anthony.

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